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follow the steps below if you want to give to power of Faith Assemblies of God Church.

Standing Order/Electronic Giving: Please arrange this directly with your bank. Please your bank will need these details to arrange it:

BANK: Lloyds Bank SORT CODE: ​30-96-96 ACCOUNT NUMBER: ​00353709

Note​: Please don't forget to use your name as the reference so we can identify it for Gift Aid purposes unless it is for a specific fund in which case please put that as the reference (e.g. "Missions", "Funeral"). Cheques​: To give by cheque please make cheques payable to Power of faith Assemblies of God Church and put them in the offering Bowl during offering time. Cash​: Please put all cash in the envelopes That will be provided by the Ushers at the Sunday meetings. On the front of the envelope please include your name or Church ID number and the amount given.

If you are a taxpayer and you haven’t already filled in a Gift Aid form for all donations to power of Faith Assemblies of God Church, please download the form complete it and give it to any of the leaders .

This helps us to claim an extra 25p for each pound that you donate. If you have any questions in relation to this, please contact The Leadership Team. G17 1210 Parkview Arlington Business Park, Theale. RG7 4TY(01189654090) * Power of Faith Assemblies of God Church is a registered Charity (No 1126341) and is in association with AOG UK

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